Adding Value with Decorative Concrete Coatings

August 23, 2011

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Innovative concrete coating products turn commercial buildings into eye-catching works of art. Concrete coatings today have more color selections, and vibrant colors that add beauty to surfaces. The painting company with a wide product knowledge database and proven workmanship can choose from various formulations of epoxy and elastomeric coatings to apply to the facility. A high degree of experience in concrete staining and application procedures will produce creative concrete textures in halls and lobbies to delight the customers.

Concrete coatings artfully mixed with resinous mixtures transform functional surfaces into attractive areas. When the painting company applies these decorative concrete coatings to any commercial facility, the same degree of high performance in terms of damage resistance, anti-skip and -skid abilities, resiliency and endurance, can be achieved, but the newly refurbished area gives more value to tenants and customers than ever before.

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