Adding Value with Decorative Concrete Coatings

August 27, 2009

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In the skillful hands of a certified painting company, ordinary cement mixed with aggregates turns into long-lasting and damage-resistant concrete to protect and repair commercial building surfaces. However, the painting company with an eye for innovation can turn ordinary concrete into interesting decorative finishes that transform commercial buildings into eye-catching works of art.

The potential of concrete coating products to enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings has led to the formulation of concrete coatings that have wider color selections. The painting company can now select from a range of vibrantly colored concrete coatings, leaving dull beiges and grays behind, and adding beauty to surfaces.

Furthermore, the painting company that maintains a large knowledge repository of coatings products can choose from many formulations of epoxy and elastomeric coatings to apply to the facility and improve the appearance of the building. A high degree of experience in concrete staining and application procedures also allows the painting company to create artistic concrete texturings in halls and lobbies to the enjoyment of the customers. Moreover, concrete coatings artfully mixed with resinous mixtures transform ordinary functional surfaces into attractive areas.

When the painting company applies decorative concrete coatings to the commercial facility, the same degree of high performance in terms of damage resistance, anti-skip and -skid abilities, resiliency and endurance, are achieved, but the newly refurbished area gives more value to tenants and customers than ever before.

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