Addressing Summer Wear-and-Tear to your Building’s Exterior

September 8, 2012

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The Downside of Summer

Addressing summer wear-and-tear to your building’s exterior

The summer months may be a great time for your business, but they’re not always good for the facility that houses it. Extreme weather conditions, including sunlight, humidity, and summer storms, can take a toll on your building’s exterior—and sometimes the substrate beneath.

What’s the best way to repair damage caused by summer weather? Elastomeric coating can not only improve a flagging appearance, but also protect your investment from developing more problems years down the road.

Keep your facility watertight

Waterproof elastomeric paint creates a barrier between your substrate and the elements. Because elastomerics don’t allow surfaces to “breathe,” water intrusion is effectively eliminated. In addition to exterior walls, this coating can also be used to seal rooftops and prevent leaks.

Prevent the spread of cracks

Over time, exposure to the elements can create small holes or cracks in the exterior substrate of your commercial or industrial building. Once this happens, moisture and grit can penetrate and widen these imperfections, often leading to structural damage.

Elastomeric paint has the ability to bridge and seal small cracks, preventing them from worsening through continued exposure to the elements.

Maintain a pristine appearance

Elastomeric coatings are highly flexible. In fact, this type of paint can move along with the substrate and return to its original shape. This means when your structure expands in the extreme heat of summer, elastomerics can stretch without cracking or chipping, and shrink back without wrinkling.

This type of paint also has excellent color retention properties, and will stay looking as great as the day the coating was applied, often for a full decade or longer.

However, it’s worth noting that improper application of elastomerics will negate the durability of this coating. By hiring a professional, experienced commercial painting contractor to apply elastomerics, you’ll help ensure that your facility retains its aesthetic appeal through all kinds of weather.

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