Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Concrete Floors

February 20, 2013

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Epoxy floor coatings are rapidly becoming the coating of choice for industrial flooring applications – both new installations and existing ones.  The reason is that there are significant advantages over traditional coatings such as latex.

Epoxy floor coating

Gone are the days of simply leaving concrete floors untreated.  Since concrete is fairly porous, normal daily use, especially in industrial applications, will quickly lead to stains and scuffing that makes the floor unsightly and impossible to clean. Staining and moisture retention issues also become issues. That’s because the concrete absorbs dirt, chemicals, oils – anything that can be spilled or tracked in by workers and visitors.

Epoxy floor coating is a cost effective way to solve those problems while at the same time providing an attractive finish that is easy to clean. Once applied to the floor, it provides a resistant barrier to stains and chemicals.  It seals the concrete from moisture penetration.  This will help in the control of mold and mildew, since they no longer have the moisture required for growth.

There are other significant benefits which epoxy floor coating provide.  Because of its bonding and filler qualities, epoxy coating can help fill in and hide minor cracks and abrasions on the surface of the concrete. This provides a strong, long lasting and nearly impervious finish which helps to greatly reduce maintenance and cleaning cost.

Looking to improve and enhance your facility?  An application of epoxy floor coating can improve the appearance of your floors, even adding color to your structure.  It will increase the efficiency of your existing lighting, due to the reflective aspects of the coating.

Increased durability, upgraded appearance, reduced maintenance costs and relative ease of application are the reasons that epoxy floor coating is becoming the coating of choice for commercial flooring needs.

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