Advantages of Elastomeric Urea Systems

May 18, 2010

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In this age of intense public awareness about environmental degradation, polyurea elastomeric coatings are some of the most environment-friendly coatings in the market. A fast-curing ability and excellent damage resistance add to the advantages of this coating system.

Below is the breakdown of the unique characteristics of polyurea elastomeric coatings and how protective coating projects gain the greatest benefit from using it:

1. Urea systems are 100% solid formulations. This means they have no VOCs or volatile organic compounds in their composition. Without the presence of VOCs, there are no harsh toxic emissions that are released to the environment. Preparation, mixing, application and disposal provide safety without the threat of any caustic chemicals or harmful fumes.

2. Urea systems are quick-curing. This speed comes from a quick reaction between components that allow no time for water vapor to participate in the reaction process. This is useful in humid or wet locations where dampness is often present. The coatings can be applied to moist surfaces with no adverse reaction expected.

3. Polyurea elastomeric coatings are highly-resistant to many kinds of damages. One of them is resistance from abrasive impacts, such as those found in pedestrian locations. Another is a high flexibility and toughness in cases of severe heat distortions. Urea systems are also resistant to water and chemical intrusions.

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