Advantages of Roof Overhangs

May 8, 2012

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Roof overhangs are not just mere extensions of the roof system. These architectural features found in building entryways and windows not only enhance the exterior look of the building, they shelter building occupants caught outside the building in sudden gusts of rain.

Roof overhangs also keep rain water away during foul weather. They control rain water runoff and prevent it from directly entering through doors and windows. Roof overhangs are therefore an important part of the exterior commercial waterproofing system.

The appropriate size of overhangs also shields exterior walls and building foundations. The larger the overhang, the better the protection it provides to walls, doors, and windows in the building.

Drainage Planes

Despite the installation of the most appropriate exterior commercial waterproofing system, it is unavoidable that water may still penetrate the building’s barrier system. When there is moisture intrusion, it is not often easy to remove it and dry the area.

Since the walls are commonly the first to take the onslaught of water, they may remain wet for long periods of time. This leaves the walls vulnerable to rotting, rusting and possible growth of microbial organisms. The worst case is when the walls decay and compromise the building integrity.

To prevent moisture from being trapped and unable to leave the building, the exterior commercial waterproofing system must include a drainage plane system.

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