Aesthetics-Driven Commercial Painting for Retails Stores

February 15, 2011

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Big box retail stores, those gigantic superstores as large as several football fields, primarily need commercial painting for two things. The first is to provide long-lasting protection against substrate damage and the second is to provide aesthetic repairs to the overall look of the building.

Even without the natural wear and tear caused by the elements, coating systems for these retail stores can fade or loss their original glossy finish. Often, too, chalking can occur in building substrates, making the building look ugly. When this happens, it has to be repaired by commercial painting contractors as soon as possible.

Coatings contractors evaluate and compare the existing commercial painting products in the market as to their behaviors and performance when faced with different kinds of damage-causing agents. Manufacturers in turn conduct laboratory testing of commercial painting formulations using standard practices in testing for various exposures — weather, fog, UV, condensation, corrosion, to name a few. The testing observes the changes in color, texture and glossiness of commercial painting products when exposed to various elements.

These testing are vital to the creation of commercial paints that are better-performing despite exposure to damage agents. Commercial painting contractors chose from these coatings the best replacement for damaged coating systems in big box stores. Failing coatings can be removed and replaced with better coatings, which are more impervious to peeling, chalking and blistering. All the things that make the interior and exterior substrates ugly and not conducive to business.

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