Airless Sprayer is Among the Most Effective

March 27, 2012

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The airless sprayer is among the most effective paint sprayers available for commercial use. Highly touted for their ability to cover large areas quickly and often in less time than compressed-air models, airless spray set ups are top of the line for their quality and performance.

Instead of using compressed air to push material out of the spray gun, an airless sprayer uses a piston pump to draw the paint up through the tube and push it through the hose where it is atomized at the gun and forced out through the tip in a mist. This allows the user to spray thicker materials than most spray guns could handle, as well as produce less overspray.

There are four essential parts to airless sprayers. There is the pump, which can be one of two kinds, piston or diaphragm. Both pumps perform the same function, but rely on different mechanisms to build necessary pressure. The high pressure hose used is designed to withstand the pressure built up by the pump. The gun comes in a range of grip styles with all being either 2 or 4 finger models. The tip, which regulates paint flow and fan pattern size, comes in a variety of sizes.

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