All-Around Concrete for Floor Applications

July 5, 2010

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Everyone knows about the versatility of concrete. This unique product that results from combining together simple cement, ordinary sand, water and aggregates can be used in an amazing number of ways. When mixed in right amounts, the mixed materials undergo hydration that dries up the water and solidifies the mixture into a hardened stone-like slab of chemically-bonded materials.

Concrete is porous by nature, and is vulnerable because of this. But varying the proportions of the ingredients and adding more materials in certain phases of the mixing process results to different degrees of strength and density in the finished concrete. This changes the ability of concrete to resist chemical or physical impacts.

For this reason, concrete is used in many applications. It is often used as an industrial concrete floor coatings application in decks, garages, basements and other parts of facilities. It is often applied on warehouses and storage rooms, as well as on manufacturing floors where daily operations inflict heavy traffic and toxic chemicals on the industrial concrete floor coatings constantly. Yet through it all, concrete has the amazing ability to withstand these abuses, with minimal damages and costs.

Not only is concrete an excellent choice for protection and repair of floorings, it is also a decorative options for other areas of the facility that need an attractive look, exhibiting concrete’s amazing capacity to be versatile.

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