Anti-Corrosion Elastomeric Coatings – Part 1

June 24, 2009

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In search of the ideal anti-corrosion elastomeric painting products, paint manufacturers have innovated on their existing products and invented new ones, in an effort to come up with high-performing, long-lasting, cost-efficient and environment-friendly coatings. One of the main goals of manufacturers is a product with performance capabilities that are at par with, or even exceed, current industry standards in corrosion-control coatings.

Widening consumers’ choices in corrosion control coating systems, anti-corrosion elastomeric painting products with the unique resin composition of reactive polymer components have been designed. These blends of multi-functional isocyanate molecules have exhibited very high-curing and easy-hardening properties, which is very suitable for in-service painting and lining applications.

These elastomeric painting products are made of innovative polymer cross-linkages exhibiting high adhesion capabilities, as well as remarkable flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. The cross-linkages make retention of its physical and chemical properties possible over long periods of time, which means that the coating product is more impervious to chemical, mechanical and natural damages for much longer.

The next blog will discuss more of the characteristics of anti-corrosion elastomeric painting products.

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