Anti-Corrosion Elastomeric Coatings – Part 2

June 25, 2009

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Continued: Anti-Corrosion Elastomeric Coatings

In the previous blog, a new line of anti-corrosion elastomeric painting products have been invented with a unique resin composition of reactive polymer components. The new elastomeric painting products can be used for a wide variety of applications, and show imperviousness to chemical and other abrasive damages over a long period of time.

These characteristics make these anti-corrosion coatings very suitable as protective elastomeric coatings for concrete and steel structures. The high resistance and durability of these coatings are also useful for lining chemical storage tanks that often contain toxic and abrasive substances and need superior protective lining, and could be expensive to repair.

The elastomeric painting products, however, still fall short when it comes to eliminating VOCs from being emitted into the environment. The necessary solvents used in elastomeric painting still carry harmful substances, although alternative materials are continually researched to altogether remove dependency on harmful solvents. One other problem that besieges the quest for VOC-lowered products is the factor of cost, with alternative materials often more expensive than normal materials used for solvents and paint components. Despite that, paint manufacturers persist in their efforts to lower, if not completely eliminate VOC-carrying components in elastomeric painting formulation, if only to attain the goal of the ideal anti-corrosion elastomeric coatings.

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