Anti-Corrosive Tank Coatings

April 21, 2009

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Storage tanks can be protected and made resistant to corrosion with the correct application of high-quality tank coatings. The right type of tank coatings provides chemical resistance to prevent corrosion and any abrasive damages. When tank coatings are applied successfully to the surface of the tank, this guarantees long-lasting protection to the containment tank, incurring lesser maintenance and repair costs as a result.

Storage tanks are often made of steel, aluminum or concrete. Because of this, many tank coatings are manufactured that cater to tanks constructed of these materials. Either for inner lining or exterior protective painting, manufacturers have created a vast variety of tank coatings products depending on the tank’s surface material. The most common are epoxy coatings, elastomeric painting products, cold weather coatings, and even tank coatings that are specifically designed to be highly-resistant to caustic acids and chemicals.

With the myriad of products to choose from, there is only one common criterion in choosing the best anti-corrosive coatings product for any particular tank — the “best-fit” criteria. This means it is important to always choose tank coatings that are specifically designed for the tank’s properties, characteristics and requirements. If any chemical is present within the tank, the coating products to use must guarantee that enough protection and no adverse reaction to this chemical will occur in the future.

An expert tank lining contractor should be able to work with facilities managers to choose the most suitable anti-corrosive tank coatings for any particular storage tank.

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