Applications of Anti-Corrosive Polyurea Elastomers Coatings

May 19, 2010

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Because polyurea elastomeric coatings are 2-component 100% solid formulations, they possess fast-drying and high-resistance abilities that make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Polyurea elastomers perform well in projects like:

1. Storage, containment and open-structure lining. This includes steel tanks, pipes, marine facilities, and bridges that are exposed to the elements all throughout their useful lives. The quick curing elastomeric coatings work well in these open infrastructures, allowing for easy and successful coatings application. This, despite the challenges of low to zero temperatures constantly encountered by these structures.

2. Abrasion protection for heavy-duty vehicles and equipments, such as those used in many manufacturing and mining industries. Polyurea elastomer coatings maintain superior elasticity even in varying high and low temperatures. They resist heavy abrasive impacts and daily physical wear and tears.

3. Tolerance against chemical damages. Waste water tanks and equipments used to filter or clean these containers benefit from polyurea elastomeric coatings. They provide excellent protection against caustic chemicals, harsh acids and toxic minerals that can undermine the integrity of containment structures.

4. Concrete applications. Polyurea elastomeric coatings can be applied on walls, floors, decks and roofs as part of an anti-corrosion concrete protection system. Thicker film applications are also possible with polyurea elastomeric coatings, which further protect structures to bear damages well and ensure their long-term protection.

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