Applying Long-Lasting Deck Coatings

September 24, 2009

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When deck coatings applications carefully observe proper planning, product identification, and surface preparation, the actual application phase is easier to execute and less besieged with problems. And when the application of deck coatings is executed properly and effectively, the result is a high-performing deck that lasts a long time to service the facility.

Skilled applicators practice both common sense and stock knowledge to perform deck coatings applications. They vary their methodology depending on the requirements for deck coatings.

One of the common factors that they have to work with is the kind of weather that the deck surface is normally subjected to. When in hot conditions, they are aware that the pot-life or working time of materials is only very limited. To save the deck coatings from pot-life expiration, they either store materials in a cooler environment, or attempt to lower the work area temperature, if possible. Often in high temperatures, deck coatings contractors work quickly to complete the application before the pot-life expires.

The opposite is true In cold-weather temperatures, and contractors have to contend with slower curing time. Painting applicators perform thinning to lower paint viscosity for easier application and longer pot-life.

For the actual deck coatings application, brush or rollers are used to apply the mixture, wherein applicators are often careful of any out gassing and bubble formation. For post-application cleanup on tools and hands, contractors work carefully to achieve proper cleanup and disposal.

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