Applying Tank Coatings against Corrosion

April 24, 2009

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Tank corrosion commonly occurs when liquids and acids react chemically with the surface material of the storage tank. This caustic interaction often results to the slow breakdown of the tank’s surface composition. The continuous caustic reaction leads to corrosion, which brings material degradation, surface discoloration, and severe deterioration to the storage tank. When corrosion is not prevented, this can threaten the tank’s structural integrity and can lead to disastrous tank failure.

Because of the potential for damage, corrosion is a threat that should be taken seriously by tank owners. It is therefore one of the main reasons why choosing the best tank coatings is a very important factor to ensure tank protection.

Although many high-quality tank coatings are already available in the market, the actual tank coatings application plays a major role in achieving the best protection against corrosion. For factory-welded tanks, coatings that are consistently and expertly applied, dried and cured, with full adherence and strict observance of quality-control processes almost always guarantee the highest quality performance in tank coatings.

For field-welded tanks, onsite coatings application should undergo a chemical process to protect from welding damages. Stricter quality control procedures and constant third-party inspections should be meticulously implemented, to lessen any defects that may arise from the less-controlled field environment and the unpredictable effects of the weather and the elements.

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