Are Elastomeric Coatings the Best Coatings Ever?

February 28, 2011

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Elastomeric paints have long been known as excellent exterior finish coatings. But are they the best coatings in existence? Possibly so. Elastomeric coating service contractors are happy with them, primarily because of their durability and high resistance to the sun, rain, wind, and high and low temperatures. Manufacturers are happy with them, because they are tough formulations that perform better than the best exterior paints in the market. And facility managers are happy with them, because they last longer compared to other paints.

Elastomeric coating service contractors often recommend elastomeric-based coatings for roof applications. They can also be used to exterior surfaces like stucco and concrete. The flexibility doesn’t end there — elastomeric coating service applications extend even to wood surfaces and, depending on the product, can even work on T-111 sidings. T-111 panels are a different breed of substrate, because of the spaced grove and texture treatment done across the surface, but elastomeric coatings perform capably well even on them.

Facility managers often require elastomeric coating service to repair cracks in exterior surfaces. Masonry, wood, stucco, and T-111 sidings are prone to surface cracking. Elastomeric coating service can cover the surface with thick elastomeric coatings that effectively fill and repair any hairline rents and tears along the surface. Because of this, elastomeric coating also provides excellent waterproofing protection to exterior substrates.

When properly applied, elastomeric coating service contractors note that these paints last more than 10 years, and last well. So it may be possible that elastomeric coatings will give other paints a run for their money as the best coatings ever.

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