Are You Looking After Your Assets and Equipment Enough?

October 1, 2011

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As a busy business owner it is important to determine whether you are looking after your assets and equipment properly. Investigation can be done to identify the problem areas and improve painting systems. Each evaluation is treated differently because each business is different. The paint renovation plan takes into consideration the findings from an examination of the equipment as well as any budget constraints.

Using an industrial painting contractor is a great solution for preventing the deterioration of assets and equipment. The experienced painting contractor will draw up a list of problem areas, for example rust, corrosion, peeling, wrong paint used for industrial purposes. A lot of companies are unaware that there is a difference between industrial paint and residential paint. Industrial paint is specifically designed to make your assets and equipment durable, fire-resistant, long-lasting and environmental friendly.

There are a variety of industrial paints available on the market, for example intumescent paint acts as a fire retardant; fluoropolymyr is a non-sticky paint to apply to fasteners. The nature of the paint job determines the most appropriate paint product. Before applying new paint, the best practice to ensure adhesion is to eliminate dirt and other impurities through proper preparation, such as sanding, chemical etching or sandblasting, to name but a few. The type of substrate preparation needs to be appropriate to the specific needs of the surface.

The company’s goal is to reduce maintenance costs overall and protect valuable equipment. Businesses can realize substantial cost savings by applying the proper, long-lasting paint to avoid the need to replace old equipment for aesthetic reasons. Equipment that appears neglected because of paint that is chipping, peeling, or faded gives customers the impression a company is unreliable or struggling to survive. By investing in a fresh paint job for all equipment, there is an automatic increase in customer usage and the equipment’s resale value.

Industrial equipment is exposed to the sun, acid rain, corrosion and other damaging elements each day. Proper application of industrial paint helps to prevent damage and the appearance of excessive wear. Commercial painting professionals can help make the determination of which paint should be used, and how to apply it correctly. The selection of paint also takes into consideration how long the equipment is slated to remain in service at the company. For example, paints that wear well for two years may be appropriate for some equipment, but pose an undue repeated cost for equipment that will be used longer. Finding the right paint is a time-intensive process, but worth the investment because of the added durability the paint provides.

Safeguarding the integrity and proper functioning of equipment is a task that should not be ignored by the business owner. A industrial painting professional can help any business craft and implement a paint renovation plan. Working this investment into an annual budget will ensure funds are available when it’s time for work to begin. Upgrade, restore, repaint and add valuable years to your equipment with the right industrial paint. 

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