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January 1, 2010

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A painting company is often called in by the warehouse manager to conduct preventive maintenance and repair of the warehouse facility. These huge building structures are often subjected to amazing amounts of physical activities involving the movement of goods by a large number of men and machines, exposing warehouse floors and decks to spillage, mechanical and human traffic, and varying amount of physical loads that can bring damage on the floor coatings. 

When the warehouse floors show distinct signs of coating damages, the warehouse manager turn to a certified painting company to improve the condition and appearance of warehouse floors. When the painting company assesses the work that needs to be done on the warehouse floors, the first thing they consider is the kind of stresses that the floors are constantly subjected to. The painting company also considers the chemicals that are present in the warehouse, as well as the aesthetic requirements needed to improve the warehouse floors. With this assessment, the painting company will be able to select the most appropriate floor coatings specific for this particular warehouse.

Warehouse Floor Coatings Maintenance Options

Warehouse managers rely heavily on the expert assessment of the painting company on how to repair warehouse floors. It takes a skilled painting company to be able to recommend the most cost-efficient method to be used to repair floor coatings.

To control costs, the painting company should choose floor coatings very carefully. Years of experience will come into play when the painting company considers whether to use specialty coatings, concrete paints, or sealers for the warehouse floors. The painting company can recommend the best specialty coating if the warehouse is used either in the food industry where hygienic requirements should be met or in other highly-controlled environments where there is a need to comply with safety standards for processing or control. As a low-cost alternative for simple warehouses with no special requirements, concrete paint may also be recommended by the painting company because it has lower initial costs, simple application methods, and generally good operational performance. To eliminate chipping of concrete paints, the painting company can also recommend the use of concrete sealers, with additional but still reasonable cost.

Durable Floor Coatings for Your Warehouse 

The painting company works within the coating maintenance budget set by the warehouse manager. Concrete paints and sealers may offer low-cost, quick, and good-performing fixes to flooring problems, but when the budget allows for longer-lasting and better-performing coatings, there are higher-quality floor coatings that can also be recommended by the painting company.

Because warehouse operations are known to exert terrific wear on floors and decks, several resin systems were actually designed to withstand such damages. These systems form the backbone of industrial floor finishes, and the coating specialist from the painting company can suggest the best of them for any specific warehouse flooring requirement.

Epoxy coating systems are one of these industrial floor coating systems that are very suitable for warehouses because of their extreme durability, wear-resistance, and proven high-performance against chemical and physical-impact damages. For durable yet aesthetically-pleasing finishes, polyurethane systems are appropriate for warehouses that are often visited by corporate visitors and need to achieve good appearance. However, when it comes to virtually indestructible coating systems, polyester systems are the end-all in terms of superior performance, albeit the most expensive.

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