The Art and Science behind Exterior Deck Coatings

September 28, 2009

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Perhaps some of the most functional areas in any industrial or commercial facilities are exterior decks, garages, walkways and patios, to name just a few. All of these locations receive the heaviest volume and frequency of pedestrian and mechanical traffic. And because of their exterior location within the facility, they are also the most exposed areas. Being the major conduits that link almost all other areas within the facility, these locations must also be operational and accessible in whatever weather and environmental conditions. The constant traffic, plus exposure to the natural elements, makes exterior decks and other exterior locations more prone to gradual deterioration.

The degradation of exterior decks is often obviously visible when its exterior deck coatings fall into disrepair. Cracks and fissures on the deck coatings are signs that these exterior areas need immediate remediation.

When deck coatings fail, facility managers must allocate a significant amount of time and money for deck coatings repair. But taking a proactive stand when exterior deck coatings receive regular maintenance, its useful life is prolonged, eliminating the need for costly replacement of the whole deck coatings system.

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