Customizable Epoxy Floor Coatings: Choosing the Right Contractor

January 30, 2015

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If you take a thousand different businesses, you’ll find a thousand different needs; floors are no exception to this rule. Whether you have a commercial or industrial purpose, epoxy floor coatings should be specially designed to meet your business’ needs. The best epoxy floor coating contractors customize their work to fit any need or situation.

Even when you do not anticipate the need for customizable work, its smart to choose a company with customizable capabilities. Unforeseen circumstances occur all the time. Experienced professionals have the knowledge and flexibility to work around your particular problems.

Take for example, the case study of a busy mortuary in Southern California that contacted Raider Painting to demolish, replace, and coat a concrete floor in a second-floor embalming and staging area, without interrupting the flow of business or endangering clientele. The floor was directly above a client area, so it had to be kept waterproof and watertight. Additionally, in the course of doing the job, several unforeseen circumstances emerged, such as potential interactions between formaldehyde (a strong chemical used heavily in the mortuary business and rarely in other commercial situations), and concealed structures that were revealed once the original floor was removed. Finally, all the work also had to be done while sensitive mortuary work was still conducted in other parts of the building. Despite all these difficulties, Raider Painting and the mortuary were able to come up with creative, customized solutions that came in under budget because of the contractor’s hands on experience and flexibility.

Hands On Experience

When choosing a commercial or industrial coating contractor, experience matters. Many industrial facilities require highly specialized coatings for certain areas. Make sure you choose a contract with the proper training, equipment, and certifications to work on regulated facilities, and the experience to ensure that your project meets all industry standards.

Flexibility is key

Most businesses, like the mortuary mentioned above, can’t afford to close long enough to have a floor treated. Customizable solutions allow workers to create innovate conditions allowing business to largely continue as normal in unaffected parts of a building or structure.

Unique Specifications

Some industries may deal in unusual traffic or chemicals that require unique specifications for epoxy floor or intumescent coatings. One such example is a mortuary that handles lots of formaldehyde. Raider Painting encountered this dilemma and worked tirelessly to find a solution that met the customer’s needs, budget and physical constraints in a timely manner. Very few flooring materials are actually tested for formaldehyde resistance, and Raider Painting wasn’t about to take a chance on their client’s behalf. Working with chemical suppliers and industry experts, they created a specialized mixture to protect the mortuary floors from all chemicals typically involved in the embalming process.


Concealed Structures

Oftentimes, a project ends up being much different than it appeared to be at first glance. Concealed structures are common when refurbishing older buildings for new purposes. In the mortuary case discussed above, the workers were surprised to find an entirely different set of circumstances once they removed the existing floor. The new circumstances required quick, innovative solutions and an experienced hand.

Replacing or refurbishing floors is serious business. Just as every business has its own story and personality, so does every floor. Make sure you choose epoxy floor coating contractors who have the knowledge and ability to create customizable solutions for your business needs.

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