Is Your Commercial Facility Ready for Summer Traffic?

March 7, 2013

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Spring is nearly here, and it’s time to start assessing your facility in preparation for the summer crowds. There are many areas that may have sustained damage or wear and tear over the fall and winter. In addition to grounds cleanup, you should check the building itself for signs that it may need a fresh paint job.

Of course, with the increased business you’ll see during better weather and tourist season, it’s important to keep your facility looking its best. Here are some of the top areas to look over and decide whether they could use some improvement.

Exterior commercial painting

Your commercial facility is a big investment, and exterior painting does more than keep your building looking great from the outside. A quality exterior paint job can help protect your structure from damage due to precipitation, wind, extreme temperatures, and harmful UV rays.

If you plan to freshen up the exterior of your commercial facility in time for the summer season, now is the time to contact your commercial painting contractor for an assessment.

Interior commercial painting

When your customers enter your facility, will they see clean, bright walls and floors, or areas that have been dulled or damaged over fall and winter? Spring is often the best time to touch up the interior of your facility, whether you need wainscoting coating for high-traffic areas or a whole new interior look, such as a fresh color scheme or graphics painting.

Commercial deck coatings

It’s easy to overlook your decks and flooring when assessing the appearance of your commercial facility for summer, but these areas are just as important as your walls. Your floors and decks not only contribute to the overall impression made on your customers, but can also pose safety hazards if they aren’t properly maintained.

Be sure to review areas such as pool decks, stairwells, patios, and balconies with your commercial painting contractor to determine whether you need fresh anti-skid coatings.

Parking facility painting

The parking area is often the first thing your customers see when they arrive at your facility. Over time and through the poorer weather conditions of fall and winter, the various coatings in your parking facility can become damaged.

With the onset of spring, you should assess the condition of the walls of your parking garage, the stripe markings in your parking lot or garage floors, and important areas such as handicapped stalls, attendant booths, and entry or exit ways. Ensure that your markings are clearly visible, so they can handle the increased summer traffic.

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