Asbestos Abatement Step by Step

August 19, 2008

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Asbestos removal is one method of dealing with asbestos materials during repair of renovation. The procedures get rid of the hazardous material so it does not have to be dealt with in the future. However, the process of asbestos abatement by removal is time-intensive and is quite expensive, as a quick step by step look at the process reveals:


Asbestos removal begins by sealing off the area with heavy grade plastic sheeting. Once the area has been cordoned off, HEPA air filters are installed in the work area to trap any free asbestos fibers floating in the air.


Air quality is continually monitored during asbestos removal. Samples of air are taken several times through out the procedure and sent to labs for testing.


The asbestos material is readied for removal. Where possible, the material is dampened to reduce the amount of asbestos fibers released by disturbing the material. Specially trained workers don clean room suits to perform the removal work.


Most asbestos removal is done by hand in order to minimize the amount of asbestos-contaminated dust produced by the procedure. The asbestos material is placed in plastic bags. Once the material is removed, the bags are sealed and tagged.


The sealed bags of asbestos material are transported to a licensed disposal facility. At each step of the disposal process, the bags of asbestos contaminated waste are tracked and reported.

All of these precautions are necessary due to the health risks associated with friable asbestos. Unfortunately, the precautions are an expensive addition to a renovation budget. Encapsulation and containment may be a more cost effective way to deal with asbestos.

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