Avoid Choosing the Wrong Anti-Corrosive Coatings

December 15, 2009

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Exterior painting can provide the best solution to corrosion of metal surfaces, but only if the right anti-corrosive exterior painting products are used for repair and maintenance, and when the product specifications and instruction of use are observed and practiced carefully.

Exterior painting applications for combating corrosion means choosing the most effective products for the job. The choice is based on a careful consideration of the condition of the metal surface. The location and function of the metal structure are also critical factors. If the metal surface is part of a structure that is built near the sea and exposed to salt water, or in humid areas, then water maybe the most common corrosive element nearby. With water as the source of corrosion, the exterior painting product to be used should logically be waterproof to prevent water from coming into contact with the metal surface and trigger corrosion.

Some exterior painting application may even need more than one anti-corrosive product – there maybe primers, top coats and sealers to complete the coating system.

The carefully selected anti-corrosive exterior painting product is useless however, if the material safety data sheet (MSDS) and the application instructions contained therein are not followed. Failure in following the specific product preparation, application and post-application activities not only jeopardizes the application process that leads to coating failure, it can even cover-up the intrusion of corrosive agents. Corrosion maybe taking place undetected underneath the coated surface.

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