Avoid Choosing the Wrong Anti-Corrosive Coatings Contractor

December 17, 2009

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Corrosion in metal structures is a major headache for facility managers. There are corrosive agents everywhere in the environment, and the breakdown of exterior painting systems allows these corrosive agents to invade the metal surface. The result is physical deterioration that can undermine the integrity of the structure. The more advanced or rampant corrosion is in the metal surface, the more expensive it is to repair.

Choosing the most effective exterior painting products to combat corrosion, and following the MSDS to avoid safety and environment risks, are some of best practices for successful corrosion management and control. However, all of these best practices are futile when the exterior painting contractor chosen to do the job is incapable of producing effective anti-corrosion application results.

Inexperience, incorrect methodologies, and lack of skills and knowledge in anti-corrosion control, are just some of the things that facility managers should NOT look for in exterior painting contractors. This lack of competencies hinders the exterior painting contractor from doing quality job, and may even lead to disastrous results. Inspections may lead to mistakes in evaluation of what products and methods to use. Solutions may be based from faulty assessments, solutions that may not only fail to deliver expected results, but can even worsen any damage already done to the metal structure.

The bottom line in going for expert exterior painting contractors is that they can deliver above-par solutions efficiently, without reworks and setbacks, thereby accruing lesser long-term costs to the project.

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