Barrier Coatings for Effective Corrosion Control

December 1, 2009

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Barrier coatings are one of the common types of corrosion protection coatings that are so effective against corrosion. Just as the name implies, these coatings serve as a barrier or shield that inhibits corrosive agents from coming into contact with surface materials. Denying corrosive agents from reaching the surface through a preventive film of barrier coatings prevents the corrosive chemical reaction from taking place.

Widely-used barrier coating products contain oil or solvents that repel water and other elements from coming into contact with the surface. These corrosion protection coatings maybe efficient, but they are VOC-emitting and pose certain environmental hazards. A more environment-friendly alternative are water-based corrosion protection coatings. The problem with water-based barrier coatings, however, is that they only inhibit metal oxidation, unlike solvent- or oil-based coatings. Because of this limitation, solvent and oil-based corrosion protection coatings are still more widely preferred in many applications.

Large metal structures require heavy-duty thick corrosion protection coatings that require only minimal surface preparation. These tough corrosion protection coatings are applicable even to rusty surfaces, and have longevity lasting for many years.

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