The Battle of the Wallcoverings

June 14, 2011

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For facility managers, there’s a raging debate over what is the best type of wallcovering for the work place. Paper-backed and fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings each have advantages, while vinyl-coated wallcoverings are perfect for the smoother surfaces in a commercial property.

The factors to consider as you evaluate these three options are how removable you want the wallcovering to be, and the type of industry you’re in. If splashes of water, oil and grease, vinyl-coated paper isn’t an ideal acquisition, as unsightly seams will begin to show just a few months after your project is complete.

Wallcovering contractors are happy to review other options with you. If you’re likely to revamp commercial properties in the near future and want a wallcovering to last in the meantime, paper-backed vinyl isn’t recommended in large quantities over the short term. You need to soak the vinyl in order for the process of scraping and removing the covering to be possible – a drain on time and resources that could be better utilized.

The most popular choice that clients of wallcovering contractors make is fabric-based vinyl. It’s easy to remove, and will come straight off without too much effort. This quick-and-easy approach means that you can fix up the small signs of wear and tear, such as a crack in the wall, without too much disruption. This wall covering isn’t ideal if your commercial property needs intricately-designed prints to adorn the walls, but will be perfect for a tight budget that needs to go the distance over the next five to 10 years and beyond.

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