The Beautiful Advantage of Decorative Concrete

November 22, 2010

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Decorative concrete coatings allow decorative concrete applications to provide great value in today’s construction projects. Such applications not only fulfill the basic function of concrete in construction, which is as a durable building surface, but it improves on the concrete product buy delivering aesthetically-enhanced applications all at the same time.

In the past, concrete is no more than a big dull slab of hardened cement that needs to be covered up by carpets, wood or tiles for any room to look beautiful. Today, with the help of decorative concrete coatings, concrete can stand on its own as a decorative option for many construction applications.

One of the applications where decorative concrete has really stepped forward is in the form of stamped concrete. In this application, concrete has gone beyond mere paver for floors, decks, courtyards, patios, pool side, and other pedestrian areas. Stamped concrete is safer than loose pavers and easy to apply and maintain. And because this is concrete we are talking about, it has a far longer useful life than traditional masonry.

Stamped concrete allows for artistic patterns to be imprinted on still-fresh concrete surfaces. Common patterns resemble slate, stone, wood and bricks. With decorative concrete coatings, stamped concrete can take on more complex and colorful designs.

Imagination is the limit when stamped concrete, with the help of decorative concrete coatings, blend with other design elements such as aggregates, tiles, rocks or stones and make a picture-perfect artwork out of otherwise-ordinary facility surfaces.

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