Beautiful and Resilient Epoxy-Coated Floors

August 9, 2010

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Industrial floors are crucial to business operations. It is important to keep these floors in tip-top condition all the time. Any downtime to repair or replace the floors is costly to the business. Unsightly floor cracks and holes lessen the overall appeal of industrial spaces. They make any space look dirty and depressing, making the area not suitable as a good work environment for facility employees.

To maintain the high performance and appeal of industrial floors, facility managers go for industrial epoxy floor coating products. Epoxy floors have a proven track record for aesthetics and durability.

But even high-performing industrial epoxy floor coating applications deteriorate over time. Thankfully, preserving the life of epoxy floors is possible with the following simple tips:

1. Apply only quality industrial epoxy floor coating products. Don’t sacrifice strength and quality over cost. Quality products may cost more, but good results are guaranteed.

2. Prepare the surface carefully. Beautiful floors that last come from a careful and patient surface preparation. Everything else fails when this stage fails.

3. Repair first. No amount of new floor coatings will hide problematic or defective floors. They need to be fixed first.

4. Remove all oils. Use a de-greaser, high-pressure heated water, or grit blaster to remove oil from the floors. No trace of oil should remain.

5. Rely on professional help. Large areas require the aid of experts, who can deal with the need for quick and error-free applications.

6. Clean floors are protected floors. The longer industrial epoxy floor coating applications remain free of dirt or other abrasive materials, the longer they last.

Taking these things into consideration, facility managers can extract more performance and longevity from epoxy floors, which means extra savings for the business.

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