Beautiful Steps with Decorative Floor Coatings

November 2, 2009

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Everyday facility floors bear the brunt of far too many loads — mechanical traffic, human activities, chemical spillages, weather exposure, and countless many others. It’s no wonder that floor coating systems, when subjected to such punishing stresses daily, gradually show the results of wear and tear and eventually lead to failure. When floor coatings fail, flooring performance will eventually hinder productivity and may even cause serious safety risks.

To avoid performance problems related to floor coatings failure, facility managers automatically turn to heavy-duty coating systems that guarantee performance. These coatings used to come in drab and utilitarian colors — beige, gray, or white. Decorative floor coatings are not considered synonymous with enduring quality performance back then. Function, not form, is the primary consideration. Decorative floor coatings are conceived appropriate only for museums, galleries, and low-stress, lightly-trafficked locations.

But with more and more paint manufacturers creating decorative floor coatings that are also tough and long-lasting, function has finally reconciled with form. Facility managers these days have a wider choice when it comes to floor coating applications. Today, facilities find a multi-purpose and flexible use of decorative floor coatings that can deliver good performance and visually-attractive floors at the same time.

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