The Benefits of Green Paints for Industry

May 28, 2013

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The hotel industry is a highly competitive industry, and in slower economic times, it has to work hard to control costs while at the same time maintaining an attractive ambiance for guests. This means that regular maintenance and painting is a critical part of their budget. In response, many hotels are going green when it comes time to paint or repaint their facility. There are compelling reasons why hotels are making that decision, and your industry can learn a lot from the painting trends in the hotel industry.

Before exploring why green paints make sense, let’s be clear on what is meant by the phrase ‘green paints.’ Green paints or coatings are coatings that have lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content than traditional paints. VOC’s are the chemicals/solvents that leach out or evaporate into the environment, with hazardous potential. As concerns for health and the environment have risen, the pressure to lower VOC content has risen as well. That has resulted in low or no VOC content coatings being produced. These coatings will have a certification or seal of approval from governmental or non-profit green groups.

So why is the hotel industry turning more toward green painting? There are several key reasons, which apply not only to the hotel industry, but also to many other customer oriented industries.

In the past, green coatings would have been considered too expensive to warrant their use. That has changed, and the costs now are competitive. That’s because cost comes down when any product gains in favor and becomes more widely utilized. Since green paints and coatings are being used more regularly, this has served to help bring the price point down.

Some believe, erroneously, that green paints don’t perform as well as traditional paints. The new, eco-friendly paints perform as well or better as traditional paints. Coverage, for example, is outstanding with the newer paints. This means that you will need fewer coats, and that saves on materials and labor. They also provide long lasting durability. This means that they will hold up to cleaning and use, and re-painting will not have to be done as often – again saving money. These claims are not simply made by the manufacturers; they are verified to meet the standards set by the various ‘green’ oversight groups.

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons the hotel industry is moving to green coatings is the reduction in fumes and odors. Lower VOC’s mean fewer chemicals being leached into the air. That significantly reduces the ‘just-painted’ smell. After all, smelly rooms make for unhappy customers. It also means that your facility is safer and healthier. In the hotel business, this means that their customers sleep better. In your facility, it may mean that your employees are healthier over the long term, and their perceived and actual working conditions are better.

Some of these green paints also have antimicrobial properties as part of their formula. This helps reduce mold and mildew, bacteria and other microbes which can grow on the surfaces. This reduces cleaning problems and helps make for a safer, healthier environment.

When you are considering painting or repainting your facility, why not consider specifying environmentally sensitive or green paints? It’s a smart thing to do, and your clients and employees will appreciate it.

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