Benefits of Roof Coatings

March 19, 2009

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The high performance and overall quality of roofing systems in industrial and commercial facilities is attributed largely to the roof coatings applied to the roof’s top-most layer. The proper application of the right roof coatings products, like elastomeric coating, to the roof system yields many benefits to the facility.

First, facility managers and industrial painting contractors value the role of roof coatings to the longevity and sustainability of the roof. With the protection provided by elastomeric coating, roof deterioration caused by the weather and natural elements is delayed and even prevented, thereby extending the roof’s life span.

Second, roof coatings such as elastomeric coating products also contribute to decreasing energy and power utilization of the facility due to its function in efficiently deflecting heat and lessen exposure to the elements

Elastomeric roof coatings are also very useful in preventing leaking roofs, discarding the costly need for replacement. On top of that, elastomeric coatings are also environment-friendly, generating minimal waste and low-VOC emission.

As roofing system technology continue to improve in response to the growing demand for high-performance yet cost-efficient facilities, enhancements to roof coatings and applications also become a major priority for paint manufacturers, industrial painting contractors and facility managers.

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