The Best Epoxy Floors

December 8, 2010

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When it comes to flooring solutions using epoxy coatings, the most beautiful solutions are epoxy coatings on quartz and sand aggregates. They are not only good in appearance, but they actually provide excellent skid resistance. Layered epoxy coatings sprinkled with multi-colored abrasives are a good and durable flooring mix. When topped with an epoxy sealing top coat, these two-coat systems can withstand the heaviest loads.

For floors that are often exposed to less loads, single coat epoxy coatings systems can provide good performance. In such case, the epoxy coatings are applied minus the sands or abrasives. The results are smoother and glossier floor finishes. To counter the risk of slippage from the much-slicker flooring surface, fine sand or rubber pellets are broadcasted on top of the epoxy coatings layer.

In the single-coat system, the main source of protection comes only from the epoxy coatings, but with a sandwiched epoxy-aggregate-epoxy coating system, the overall quartz system is stronger. Oftentimes, colorful vinyl chips are used as an alternative, back-rolling the flakes over wet epoxy coatings and then sealing them with top coat immediately.

Epoxy coatings minus the harmful solvents are also a good flooring solution. These epoxies are fumeless and contain less or zero VOCs. Because of the absence of solvents, the coating thickness is the same when wet or dry and with no trapped solvent creating voids and indentations on the surface. This results to lesser application time and costs.

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