The Best Protective Coatings against Corrosion

November 30, 2009

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Structural damage from corrosive elements is one of the most common reasons why facilities accrue costs for repair and maintenance. Corrosive elements are everywhere in the planet and corrosion comes from the constant reaction of certain types of chemicals with the elements in steel or metal surfaces. When corrosion is unchecked, metal and steel surfaces fall to corrosion and weaken, affecting operational efficiency. Ugly stains, as well as visible surface discolorations and irregularities, are signs that corrosion is in progress.

Corrosion protection coatings are needed to protect surfaces from corrosion. The importance of properly-applied high-performing corrosion protection coatings cannot be undermined, in terms of providing an insulating barrier against the potential harmful effects of corrosion. Not only are corrosion protection coatings useful as barrier coatings, some products are sacrificial in nature, receiving the brunt of any corrosive attack to spare the actual metal surface from being corroded.

When corrosion becomes so prevalent that it threatens surface integrity and lessens the useful life of the entire structure, corrosion protection coatings system need to be repaired to remove corrosion. This comes at a significant cost, which is why it is often advised to choose the most effective corrosion protection coatings at the very beginning of any coating system installation project.

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