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November 5, 2010

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Facility managers who require the help of a painting contractor in any of their facility projects, such as the repair of exterior coatings or a waterproofing system restoration, often subject potential contractors to a careful screening process. Using pre-defined criteria and project specifications, the chosen painting contractor is narrowed-down and finalized from a list of several candidates.

While the facility manager can choose the right painting contractor based on what they can offer in terms of cost and workmanship, there are also things that the facility manager should avoid in a bidding painting contractor. There are signs that choosing such a painting contractor may lead to problems and issues later along the project.

For example, the painting contractor who cannot bring a clear estimate when requested should be struck off the short list. A project, no matter how simple or complicated, should have an estimate. The estimate is a written commitment by the painting contractor regarding time lines, manpower allocation, work delivery methods and systems and operating procedures. Without an estimate, the painting contractor can promise the moon but not deliver on its word.

If a painting contractor cannot provide a good reference or client testimonial, this is also a danger sign that may indicate that the contractor does not have a good work history.

Most facility managers demand an hourly rate system for costing the project, to break down into manageable and reasonable pieces the cost of each work that goes into the project. The painting contractor should be amenable to this.

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