Big-box Stores, Big Commercial Painting Challenges

February 18, 2011

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With floor-to-ceiling merchandise filling up every available space, big-box stores are a challenge to the maintenance crew responsible for keeping the building in constant good shape. These single-floor rectangular structures are a Mecca for shoppers who come in droves everyday to buy everything they may need. There is hardly a let-up in the quantity of visitors trekking into the facility, and any commercial painting work to maintain the coatings system is not that easy to execute.

The challenge in commercial painting begins at the time of construction. The surface dimensions are immense for these large retail stores. The initial commercial painting application poses challenge in the amount of coatings and materials that will be used to complete the coatings system. The amount of time and number of personnel involved in commercial painting application are also more than that in a regular-sized retail store.

The next challenge is at the subsequent maintenance schedules for the facility. Commercial painting has to be done to ensure the continued protection of the large structure and keep it looking beautiful. Unlike industrial facilities, commercial buildings are often built using different surface types and therefore different coatings systems, mostly driven by aesthetic considerations.

Commercial painting contractors have to clean and prepare different types of surfaces, and use a variety of coatings to complete the look of the building. All these while still achieving a quality application that will ensure long-time protection necessary for the continued good performance of the building. When the retail store combines steel and concrete materials, commercial painting contractors must also deal with the inevitable moisture-related problems like corrosion.

Paint selection, surface preparation, and actual application must address any particular problem inherent to the facility, but they all need to be done in a larger scale than regular-sized retail stores.

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