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December 14, 2010

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Parking decks, garages and parking lots are some of the constantly hardest-hit areas in any facility. The parking lot’s deck coatings take continuous physical beating everyday from vehicular, mechanical and pedestrian traffic. The natural elements like sunlight, rain, wind, snow and ice further add damage and abrasion that weaken the deck coatings, in particular, and the parking areas, in general. In many industrial facilities, corrosive chemicals and liquids that are transported from and to the facility via the parking areas can spill and add more havoc to the parking deck coatings.

If parking structures are built with high-standard and quality materials using the best tools and with the help of skilled workers, parking decks are less prone to frequent damages. However, time is a great enemy, eventually taking a toll on parking structures.

The best option for facility managers is to conduct a regular preventive maintenance of the parking areas. A well-executed preventive maintenance program can help protect parking areas from future damages and make them last longer. With the right preventive maintenance, deck coatings systems are refurbished and repaired before they are damaged badly beyond repair.

A skilled deck coatings contractor can conduct a visual examination of the entire area where preventive maintenance will be done. They spot for holes, cracks and any tell-tale signs of deck coatings damage. They examine the extent of surface deterioration in the inner and outer surface areas of the parking floors. This forms the basis on deciding on the type of remediation methods to implement, as well as the kind of deck coatings to use.

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