Bring Color to Your Floors with Decorative Concrete Coatings

June 22, 2010

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Concrete is fast becoming a popular option for floor finishing because of its functional and decorative benefits. Concrete can now be treated with color coatings that transform the once gray-only concrete to a variety of colors. What is even more remarkable is that these decorative concrete coatings and colorants imbue concrete with the ability to mimic the look of true marble or wood materials. Practicality and beauty all at the same time.

Here are the decorative concrete coatings applications or effects that are possible with concrete:

1. Chemical stains. Lime-rich concrete reacts with chemicals to etch the surface with color. The staining process can mottle the surface with translucent textures, making interesting patterns in the concrete surface. The use of brushes, sprayers and even dry leaves or other materials can create striking designs.

2. Colored concrete. Adding colorants while concrete is being mixed results to a uniformly-hued slab. Pre-measured and bagged colorants can be purchased and simply added to the concrete mixer.

3. Waxes and sealers. Colored decorative concrete coatings can be used to seal the concrete surface and protect it from water. Clear-colored coatings add gloss and intensify the shade or pattern in the surface.

4. Release agent colors. Release agents are applied on stamped concrete surfaces to lessen friction. Color pigments in the release agent can create an antique look on the patterned surface.

5. Concrete colored hardeners. Colored, fine-grained and powdered aggregates are broadcasted onto freshly-poured concrete surface to transform it into a hard-finished surface. The effects are vivid hues on the topmost layer.

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