Bringing Back the Beauty of Your Industrial Floors

August 10, 2010

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Are your industrial floors looking shabby and dilapidated? Despite constant cleaning, they still appear dirty and unhygienic. To top it all, are your shop floors cracked and in such disrepair as to threaten the safety of your floor occupants?

When these things are evident in your industrial floors, then it’s time to bring back the beauty of your floors with a project involving high-performing industrial epoxy floor coating products.

Why epoxy coatings? Simply because epoxy still tops the list of coating products that deliver the best quality and performance to industrial floors. Industrial epoxy floor coating products are also resistant to most elements that commonly assault industrial floors — oil stains, water, impact from equipment and pedestrian traffic, to name a few.

How to create a beautiful floor finish?

The success is in the preparation work. Careful preparation results to a good surface that makes it easy for the coating to adhere to. In cases of new or bare concrete, etching the floor in segments or sections will add to the surface profile. Proper mixing should also be practiced, using the correct measure of epoxy paint and hardener. The actual paint work should be done quickly and properly, using the correct tools and the right amount of coatings. Any colors or aggregates added to the top coat will finalize the appealing look for floor finishes that are a far cry from dreary and damaged industrial floors.

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