Capture Nature with Wood Veneer Commercial Wallcoverings

August 5, 2010

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Technological innovations in wallcoverings applications have made it possible to use nearly any kind of material for commercial wallcoverings installations. Another of these landmark applications is the use of natural trees as commercial wallcoverings.

These arboreal installations provide a pleasing and muted elegance to any facility, such as office conference rooms, cruise ship cabins and state rooms, banks, hotel suites, and almost any commercial space needing a serene or peaceful atmosphere.

Wood veneer commercial wallcoverings are popular with the environmentally-conscious, who prefer natural materials instead of synthetic coatings. High-grade wood veneers are produced through a clean wood-shaving process that yields 1/8th-inch thick panels. The amount of wood sacrificed for this process is actually very small, with one inch of wood producing close to 100 panels. Furthermore, many sources of these wood veneer commercial wallcoverings are carefully-managed plantations that harvest only a few trees at a time and replenish the forest supply regularly.

It requires a high degree of skills from commercial wallcoverings contractors to install wood veneer panels, because the wall features can vary. The panels should wrap on door jams, or cut around protruding pipes and air conditioning ducts. The dimensions of the wood panels can be tricky and the seams should blend in carefully to conceal the panel boundaries. The wood has grains running across the surface, and it can be very visible if the stripes disappear suddenly and continue on different lines from one panel to another. To solve this, the wood panels are sanded to make a template and sanded again to achieve a seamless finish.

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