Careful Color Choice for Historic Structures

November 7, 2011

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Lively murals are an excellent choice for the walls of a historic structure. Past history comes to life on a building that has historical meaning when painting the building with the form of art known as a mural. When you are painting a historic structure, you want to capture the atmosphere of its era with the shade(s) you select. Landmark structures are usually distinguished by striking architectural details. The color of the paint helps to emphasize appealing architectural details.

Owners should portray and enhance the best characteristics of their companies when painting commercial buildings. When choosing the color of paint, the decision needs to reflect the nature of the company in the most positive manner possible.

The chosen color needs to make every person feel at ease. It is a good idea to refrain from overwhelming the appearance of the building or the sentiments of the client with the color of the paint.

Green, earth tones, neutral tones and shades of blue

Society today places an increased importance on environmental concerns. When you paint your building with green shades, this indicates an attitude of environmental concern. Your clients will respond positively if you go green both in color and in business philosophy. Hues of brown and neutrals put you in touch with the outdoors in the hues of the earth and its organic fibers.

Vibrant reds, strong oranges, bright yellows

Vibrant reds, strong oranges, and bright yellows are cool colors for “cool” companies. Businesses that are up-and-coming generally choose vibrant colors. Brighter colors suggest optimism and a sense of adventure. Children are known to have positive reactions to bright colors. Do you notice that crayon cartons always have eight basic crayon colors? Even grownups experience reactions of warmth, excitement and comfort when surrounded by the vivid colors of their childhood. Additionally, vibrant hues create an exotic atmosphere. Painting commercial buildings in brilliant hues makes buildings look more European. A bright golden yellow brings to mind the traditional color of a kitchen in Provence. When you use shades of red or red hues mixed with a tiny bit of orange hues, you create a Latin American ambiance.

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