Cementitious Urethane: Why Your Floor Needs It

May 24, 2013

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Cementitious Urethane (CU) is a coating technology that has years of proven durability behind it. It is used in industrial facilities which have concrete floors and need a monolithic flooring surface. Monolithic (seamless) floor finishes provide outstanding performance with respect to physical abuse, as well as excellent chemical and bacterial resistance. It is also used in facilities that have high hygiene standards such as food preparation or dairies.That makes the coating an excellent choice for warehouses desiring a monolithic flooring product, food processing plants and chemical processing facilities (to name only a few).

CU provides outstanding protection against thermal shock. In facilities where extreme temperature variations can occur, the coating will not crack or fail due to those fluctuations. This makes it ideal where steam is used for processing or cleaning.

The coating is also extremely resistant to repeated chemical exposures, which makes it an ideal flooring material for manufacturing plants or any facilities where harsh chemicals are used.

When you combine the thermal properties with the chemical resistance you also have a coating that withstands harsh and repeated maintenance and cleaning procedures. This allows for highly aggressive cleaning to take place. Cementitious urethane is highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. In facilities where there are strict needs for cleanliness and disinfecting, the combination of these properties becomes invaluable. This makes CU ideal for food processing plants, bottling plants and any facilities that require FDA approved coatings.

While providing excellent resistance to chemicals and biologics, the surface also withstands impact abuse. It resists abrasion and high impact events, making it ideal for industrial warehouse applications. It also is inherently skid resistant, making it a safer surface than many other alternatives. This makes is suitable for loading and unloading areas. It also has sound deadening properties. In environments where there are trolleys or metal wheeled carts it can help to reduce the overall sound issues.

Finally, CU is low odor and low Volatile Organic Chemical content. It is safe to use and apply, drying quickly and leaving no unhealthy residue or solvents behind. It is also an exceptionally green coating. It is most commonly used over concrete substrate and can be applied on uncured concrete in new installations, and is one of the most superior concrete coatings available.

When you combine the long lasting durability of cementitious urethane with the many other benefits, it is easy to see why it is a material of choice for concrete flooring applications.

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