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January 19, 2009

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To make sure you get the most superior and long-lasting results for your building coating project, hire a certified industrial coating contractor. Industry experts and end-clients agree: the work done by certified contractors often stands the test of time.

Industrial coating contractors with certification are an attractive option to clients because they provide lower risks to the project when hired. They also provide better protection to the structures when coatings are applied, assuring longevity in service life.

Because clients often prefer certified coating contractors to non-certified ones, contractors make it a point to be certified. They submit themselves to the certification process where their capacity to handle projects are evaluated by a neutral third party certification body. This third party organization will visit the contractor’s business site and examine their capabilities and demonstrated competencies. Once a certification has been awarded, industrial coating contractors can carry this in their portfolios to draw clients.

Working with non-certified contractors increases the risk of inferior work that doesn’t meet safety and professional standards. This increases the chances of project failure and damage to public relations. At worst, the unthinkable risk to human lives is even possible.

For better protection, opt only to work with an industrial coating contractor that has the essential certifications for the job.

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