Challenges in Public Structures Coating Projects

October 1, 2009

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Public structures such as bridges, tunnels, railways, airports and the like play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of life in every society. The preservation of such structures is an important task to ensure continuity of services to the populace. In strengthening and protecting these structures against many forms of physical deterioration, particularly in their coatings systems, only an experienced painting company can be counted on to deliver quality solutions. 

Many public structures not only have functional value to the community, they often have historic and symbolic public significance. In many cases, these facilities also exist to elevate the aesthetic or artistic values of the community. That is why special care should be taken by the painting company tasked to restore, preserve, protect, or repair the structure. 

Preservation and Maintenance

Historic public structures, such as libraries and museums, commonly deteriorate due to aging, and are some of the most challenging structures to work on. The painting company coordinates with conservation professionals to implement anti-corrosion and restoration activities. Special coating materials and methods are deployed, because of the significance of the project to the community. A coating failure or low-quality job means expensive rework and irrevocable loss to the community should the structure remain unprotected or damaged.

Economic Concerns

Because public structures are community property, part of their maintenance cost often comes from taxpayers´ money. Economic viability is therefore a major factor that the painting company must consider in coating projects. Public structures need to be repaired or maintained with the most minimal costs, without sacrificing work quality. That means substantial work minus costly materials and poor work practices. The painting company should be an expert in the most economical approach to the project while still achieving superior performance and long-term protection of the structure.

Community Impact

Whether built to make transportation easier, or to beautify the surroundings, or as part of a cultural heritage, public structures have value to the entire community. The painting company tasked to help in the renovation or preservation of these structures must keep the community´s interest in mind. The painting company should have ample experience in public structure coatings projects, knowing the limitations and risks involved, as well as the technical expertise to choose the best coatings, materials, and practices for the job. Public structures coatings projects often demand a high level of ethical work practices from the painting company, and close collaboration with the project´s many stakeholders.

Environmental Impact

Public structures coatings projects observe a strict adherence to environmental standards because public safety is of enormous importance. The painting company must observe the highest standards in safety, such as in activities involving lead abatement, or the removal or repainting of aging coatings, or the disposal of coatings waste. The painting company must be qualified to carry out these jobs to avoid running into non-compliance issues and bring severe damages for the public.

To further lessen environmental harm, low – to zero-VOC coatings are often used in public structures. Moreover, service infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels require that the painting company crew work with zero or minimal downtime, increasing the complexity and risks of the project. Nevertheless, in the hands of a skilled painting company crew, this is just a routine practice that propels the project into successful completion.

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