A Checklist for Selecting Concrete Floor Coatings

June 28, 2010

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Selecting the right industrial floor coating for your facility is not as easy as it seems. The selection process has to undergo careful consideration that cannot be done by a simple walk to the nearest paint store. Depending on your choice of industrial floor coatings on mere recommendations is actually a very dangerous thing to do, one that can cost your facility a lot of wasted money.

How to select the right industrial floor coatings for your facility project, then? Here is a checklist of the steps you should follow:

1. Assessment of the current state of your floors. This initial evaluation must be done carefully and accurately. This identifies the actual problem of your facility floors and the extent of the problem. From here, a sound solution can be developed.

2. Identification of requirements. From the initial assessment, the specification for the project is taking form. The problems and needs identified in the evaluation are matched with the possible solutions. The most appropriate solution is then selected, considering many important factors such as cost, constraints, and available resources.

3. Choosing the coatings and personnel. Using a previously laid out criteria, the most appropriate industrial floor coatings are selected, as well as the most qualified contractor for the project.

4. Setup of quality control and assurance process. The system to adhere to this process should be established and implemented carefully, to assure the success of the project.

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