Checklist to a Good Deck Coating Warranty

April 1, 2011

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Deck coating warranties are crucial to the long-term success of facility projects. In fact, the warranty from coatings manufacturers or deck coating contractors is one of the bases used by facility managers in deciding which bidding contractor or supplier the painting project will be awarded to.

Facility managers should use the checklist below to assure a good warranty for facility projects:

1. Know the importance of the warranty

A warranty is a written document that contains the scope and coverage of guaranteed work done by a painting contractor. In the case of deck coating products, it is the guarantee of product performance. In essence, the warranty spells out the products and services that the facility is assured to receive when they hire this particular product supplier or painting contractor. The warranty also declares what the contractor is willing to do to rectify any faulty installation or defective product that has been applied to the project and for how long is the deck coating contractor willing to rectify it.

2. Read and analyze the proposed warranty

Facility managers often find the warranty as a piece of document that is very tedious to read. The reading material is filled with the language of the deck coating trade and can take a lot of effort to be understood by an ordinary person. But facility managers are advised to take the time to read this document nevertheless. There may be cases when the warranty can contain provisions that serve only the interest of the manufacturer or contractor.

3. Examine the warranty period

The facility manager should decide whether the warranty coverage period is acceptable to the facility or not. Short warranty periods are by nature not acceptable, because defects in deck coating products or applications may appear later when the warranty has lapsed. Too long periods of coverage, say 10 years, are also not acceptable, because when faults do arise that may compel a change in deck coating contractors, the facility is stuck with the current contractor.

4. Consider the scope of work

Industry experts agree that the time period specified in the warranty is insignificant compared to the actual scope of work that should be covered during the warranty period.

5. Know that work warranty does not automatically mean quality work

Facility managers should not depend on the content of the warranty as a sole basis for choosing the deck coating contractor for the project. The warranty is a long way from ensuring a quality deck coating application — contractor skills and experience are still what’s important.

6. Consider the warranty terms in relation to project requirements

Project requirements must be reflected in the warranty specification. The warranty should cover the replacement of defective materials, or the rework of poor installation, or even a monitoring system to be setup, depending on the project requirements.

With the checklist above, the facility manager is better informed and gains more confidence in signing the project contract. The facility’s terms are covered, the project requirements are assured, and the chosen contractor is bound to deliver a successful project because of the warranty.

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