Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Facility

November 30, 2010

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Paint color is often one of the major factors to the success or failure of building re-decoration. Below are some basic rule-of-thumbs that make paint color selection easy for the painting company and facility manager:

1. Study the location and get the tone right. The painting company often recommends color options depending on the function of the room or area to be painted. There are appropriate colors depending on the location. For example, if the room is a venue of serious work, such as office rooms or library areas, then muted and non-obtrusive colors should be used.

2. Go with the color that suits overall theme. The painting company works with facility managers and interior decorators to plan the overall look of the place. The paint should go well with other features of the room, such as carpet or flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture.

3. Know the color wheel. The painting company and anyone involved in paint color choice should have knowledge of the color schemes that work. There are colors that do clash and create unpleasant visual effects, and some that literally produces headaches in the long term.

4. When unsure, simplify. The painting company often recommends safe and pale colors for facilities that cannot decide on an overall look and feel.

5. Paint finishes for effects. Painting company contractors apply matte finishes on building walls to down-play any defects, and avoid glossier coatings that highlight any imperfections.

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