Classy yet Cost-Friendly Concrete Finishes

June 21, 2010

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Thanks to advances in concrete flooring technology, concrete floor finishes are no longer mere slabs of dull gray concrete. Poured concrete used to lack any semblance of aesthetic appeal, with a hundred percent emphasis on function rather than style. People step on concrete floors all the time, but interior designers went to such lengths to hide the concrete that people step on. With the use of carpets, hardwoods or vinyl floorings, concrete was often out of sight of building occupants.

These days, color and texture can be added to ordinary concrete to make it interesting to the eyes. This concrete reinvention has made it possible for concrete to come out into the open, being used to replace the more expensive finishes. Hardwood finishes tops the list of the most expensive of flooring materials, followed closely by natural stones like slate, granite, marble, and limestone. Stone tiles are lesser in cost but compared to concrete is still a very expensive material for floors.

With inventive use of decorative concrete coatings and techniques, dull concrete slabs are transformed into decorative floorings that enhance the beauty of any facility. These days, it is a cost-effective option to apply decorative concrete coatings in driveways, patios, walkways and even indoor rooms. Finishing the concrete surface with decorative concrete coatings offer versatility in textures and colors. Without the costly flooring materials that used to cover concrete, concrete coatings have come out to become one of the most popular choices in decorative floorings.

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