Clean Appliances and Fixtures Are a Must

June 6, 2012

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If a property makeover is in order, Rental Apartment Property Managers will always benefit from a few simple, cost-effective tips.

Check out all your appliances. Make sure they are clean. Replace the drip trays in the stove, and don’t forget to clean the oven. How does the refrigerator look? Does the freezer need to be defrosted. Do you have ice trays in the freezer? Check the bathroom. What does the toilet look like? Make sure that the tub and tile are clean. The best way to make the tub look clean is to make sure the grout is clean.

Check all the fixtures. Make sure all fixtures are clean and good repair. There is nothing worse than having burned out light bulbs or dripping faucets.

All glass and stainless should be cleaned and shined. All floors should be swept and mopped. Carpet should be freshly steam cleaned. This will give the place a clean smell. Use of baking soda is also good choice. Resist using perfumed air fresheners. Prospective tenants may infer you are trying to hide a strong odor.

Basements can be Horrifying

If your property has a basement, make sure it has been swept. Placing a few boxes of baking soda will help to remove any smells that may be lingering. Check the electrical panels for any breakers that may be tripped. If you have a furnace and water heater, make sure they are working properly. Having a preventive maintenance program will lengthen the life of these items. A fresh coat of paint in the basement should be considered.

Prepare Your Talking Points

Highlight the positive. Use positive words when talking about the property. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms in any rental. Find all the positive items about these rooms.

These are just a few of the many important makeover tips available for property managers. The use of these few simple tips can turn any drab looking property into an eye appealing experience for potential renters.

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