A Closer Look at Aerial Lift Certification Courses

July 9, 2008

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Aerial lift certification courses are usually divided into two types: operator certification courses and trainer/supervisor certification courses.

Operator-oriented aerial lift certification courses give workers the training they need to operate equipment safely at a busy construction site. At the operator level, the training package is usually a combination of lecture and hands-on practice with an accredited trainer. Often, companies can request a training session at the project site. Course lengths range from 4 hours for a single machine course, to a two day all-inclusive course that certifies the operator on a wide range of aerial lifts.

Here are the topics covered in a typical aerial lift operator certification course:

  • Current Regulations for Aerial Lifts
  • Types of Aerial Lifts (may be limited)
  • Weight Capacity Review
  • Aerial Lift Parts and Functions
  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Fall Protection Inspection Practices
  • Hands-on Operation Practice

Supervisor or trainer oriented aerial lift certification courses are designed to give companies the advantages of an in-house trainer. Once an employee has completed the trainer-oriented program, the contracting company can save money and time by referring other employees to the in-house trainer for operator certification.

While most trainer certification courses cover the same material as the operator courses, the trainer courses are much more in-depth than operator-only certification courses. Additional material covered in these certification programs includes training-specific concerns, such as how to handle operator questions and how to judge operator proficiency.

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