Coating Products for Manufacturing Plants

April 8, 2009

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Manufacturing plants often rely on skilled manufacturing plant painting contractors for any of their industrial coatings requirement, be it part of scheduled plant maintenance or as enhancement of manufacturing products and product components.

The manufacturing plant painting company can apply coatings to any type of material or surface. To coat manufacturing product components, there are various industrial coating products that can be used, from rubber, silver, plastic, latex or even gold. There are also standard protective coatings like epoxy, latex, phenolic resins, polyurethane, to mention a few.

Coating products are often combined with resins such as alkyd, epoxies, furan, or thermosetting resins to coat components and surfaces with a thin film. For color variations, titanium dioxide-based pigments are also added. Coating fillers like mica, calcium carbonate or talc are also added to maintain coating consistency and viscosity.

Manufacturing plant painting contractors apply coatings in a variety of forms, such as aerosols, liquids, powders, solvents-based and many others. To observe safety and lessen coating application risks, the coating applicator from the painting company uses protective gear when applying VOCs-emitting coating products. VOCs like alcohol, glycol, and other volatile organic substances can be released to the air and potentially bring harm not only the coating applicator but to the environment as well.

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